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Android M will allows users to move apps data and APKs to microSD card

For a long time now, android users largely expressed their need to be able to move apps between the internal storage and the microSD card. whereas Google was slightly slow in reacting to what looks to be a general consensus among android users, it’s just like the upcoming android M will finally come with enhanced support for microSD cards.

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Microsoft’s Cortana is coming to both Android and IOS Officially !!!

Today Microsoft officially confirmed the Microsoft’s Cortana Digital voice assistant now available on Android and IOS.


Microsoft launch phone companion app for whether it’s a Windows phone, Android phone, or iPhone you can access your files, content and cortana from your windows 10 PC or Phone. The Microsoft aiming at both Google’s Now and Siri by introducing this phone companion app for Android and IOS.

The App will offer almost all the features of Coratna that currently available on the Windows phone, like sports news, flight news, location based reminders etc. but there will be some limitation, it’s not powerful that currently offers by Windows Phone and Windows 10 versions of the digital assistant.

Microsoft Cortana works very well integrated with Microsoft Apps like OneNote, One Drive, Outlook etc, all this apps already available on IOS And Android. So that it will be some benefits for Android and IOS users.

This app will available On Android in late June and IOS users will get this app later this year. Previously at Microsoft Build event Microsoft will allow Android apps and IOS app to easily compile for Windows 10.

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Iris: Walk While Using Any App

Bumping into folks on the road whereas staring down your smartphone’s screen could be a mishap as old as mobile phones themselves. Smartphone technology has advanced immeasurable since cellphones initial shrank to fit our hands and pockets, however there is still little one can do to remedy such accidents, although keeping their eyes peeled.


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