Lenovo going to launch flagship device of Motorola Moto X with great camera features in Next Quarter-3

16 Jun

Lenovo’s chief executive sat down for an interview recently, and confirmed that Motorola’s first smartphone concocted when the acquisition will be released as shortly as this summer. “We have several new smartphone models in development with the Moto brands,” he mentioned, “so you’ll see in summer us launching some very exciting product, as well as phones and watches.”

Motorola Moto X 2015

Moto X 3rd Gen camera Features

Well, what’s going to that phone be, and can it still carry the Motorola’s Moto brand? noted leakster Ricciolo came to the rescue with a useful hint. Building on its enigmatic claim that the new Moto flagship are going to be “smarter than smartphones,” Ricciolo currently tips that Lenovo can apparently pay a awfully special attention to the camera abilities of this thing. This has already been somewhat confirmed by Motorola’s promoting chief before, thus wherever there is smoke, there can be fireplace, too.

Lenovo to out a Motorola flagship within the summer, with ‘many in-house camera tricks’
Apparently, the Moto X (2015), or no matter it gets known as, can have “many in-house camera tricks,” which can be a so much disappointed from the camera quality of the Moto X (2014). judging from the given image, we will expect increased auto phase-detection skills, and superior low-light performance, all coming back within the summer months of Q3.

Given that Lenovo started putting some additional specialize in the camera in its phones recently, as well as a specialised shooter in its portfolio – the 16 MP vibe Shot – we will fairly expect that the company would attempt to replicate a number of the photographic experience to the new Moto flagship, too. Here’s to hoping. As for the branding, the tiny “X” next to the Motorola logo can be a touch that Lenovo can build changes to its structure – on balance, the ceo mentioned within the above interview that in some regions wherever Motorola has nice recognition its phones will be discharged under the Moto logo, whereas in places like China or india, Lenovo can use both branding.

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