Microsoft Moonraker first smartwatch by the Microsoft or Nokia?

13 Jun

While Apple was engaged on its Watch, Nokia had its own ideas regarding smartwatches. Sources from Nokia’s plans tell The Verge that the Finnish company was developing a “Moonraker” smartwatch that leveraged several of the aesthetics of the trendy Windows Phone style. working example devices were shown to potential customers at Mobile World Congress last year, and also the smartwatch came near launching. Nokia was planning to reveal its smartwatch alongside the Nokia Lumia 930, and Microsoft canceled it around the time the company acquired Nokia’s phone business.

Microsoft Moonraker 4

Images of the Microsoft Moonraker, a codename of the smartwatch, surfaced on a Tumblr blog and were discovered by the famous on twitter for it leaks Evan Blass. The Tumblr blog is run by Microsoft design employee Pei-Chi Hsieh, and the Verge understands the photographs were created for promoting purposes rather than simply concept art. Hsieh’s design shows what Nokia’s smartwatch looked like.

Microsoft Moonraker

Nokia’s Moonraker smartwatch never created it to promote primarily because Microsoft was anticipating its wearable Band. whereas the Moonraker had variety of sensors to permit you to carry your arm to browse texts or drop it to show off the show, Microsoft opted for the Band because it had more practicality. Nokia took the familiar “Metro” interface from Windows Phone and paired it with easy email, phone, and messaging apps on its smartwatch. There was even a camera remote feature to take photos on a smartphone from the watch. Facebook and MixRadio integration was additionally built-in, alongside customizable watch faces and totally different coloured straps.

It’s unlikely that the “Moonraker” can ever build it to the market, however given time Microsoft might want to bring a number of the additional fashion-related aspects of it over to the Band within the future. Microsoft is currently engaged on the second generation of its Band. whereas the software platform on the coming Microsoft Band 2 can stay largely the same, the design and feel of the device can improve. Microsoft is anticipated to launch its next-generation Band later this year when Windows 10 is on the market generally.

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