Unreleased Windows 10 Mobile build 10134 Screenshots leaked online

06 Jun

Microsoft is currently beta testing Windows 10 Mobile with Insiders and whereas they haven’t released a new build in a couple of weeks yet, screenshots from 10.0.10134 have shown up on-line.


It will seem like there are many tweaks during this build – as an example, Spartan (Edge) and also the Store currently have a dark theme that may be turned on. Also, Spartan will pin websites to the beginning screen – this was previously only offered with IE – and there has been a small wording modification for one among the settings as well: “Predict the next page and speed up browsing with flip ahead” is changed to “Use page prediction to speed up browsing and improving reading view”.

In the settings, Mobile+SIM has been renamed to Cellular and Cortana currently has a similar on boarding UI because the desktop; you’ll take a glance in any respect the screenshots within the gallery below.

On the multitasking screens, the X to shut the windows has been updated from a small circle with an X in it to the a lot of modern and bigger X that matches what we see on the desktop too. In the background of the multitasking page will currently show a similar image used on the beginning screen rather than simply the accent color.

Microsoft already says that Windows 10 for smartphone not going to launch alongside of the windows 10 for PC release on 29th July.So Microsoft taking more time to launching the Windows 10 for Smartphone.

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