Lenovo announced world’s first smartphone with built-in projection keyboard.

29 May

Yes that’s news that Lenovo just announced world’s first built in Laser projection smartphone, the Lenovo Smart Cast.


For past few years there are always rumors leaked about the projection based keyboard on smartphone, even rumors also suggested that Apple Iphone 6 will comes with projection type keyboard but that turn out fake news.

But At Lenovo Tech World  Lenovo announced world’s first (that’s real product not fake) projection based smartphone with built in pico projector. Lenovo Smart Cast comes with built in Pico-projector along with a gesture-based control system.

The Lenovo smart cast transform any surface into touch screen surface with help of built-in kick-stand and variable bracket projector. With addition of gesture-based control system you can write or play virtual key-board in real time.

But there is limited specification got so far. Wait for More information and keep visiting.

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