Iris: Walk While Using Any App

20 May

Bumping into folks on the road whereas staring down your smartphone’s screen could be a mishap as old as mobile phones themselves. Smartphone technology has advanced immeasurable since cellphones initial shrank to fit our hands and pockets, however there is still little one can do to remedy such accidents, although keeping their eyes peeled.


Anyway, here’s one thing else one will think about – AN app by the name of Iris. What it will is overlaying what your smartphone’s camera sees on high of the app you are presently using. Not only you’ll keep a watchful eye on your surroundings while walking around immersed in your app business, you furthermore may get the surrealistically cool advantage of the world virtually becoming your android skin!

Iris 1

Iris supplements this essential conception with some further options. Camera Barrier permits you to choose what quantity of your screen shows the camera feed. Notification and widget keeps Iris’ settings one swipe away in your notification space. take off Window and Filters are professional version-exclusive functionalities that allow you turn to a pop-out camera window, or use night, solar, mono and turquoise filters to extend visibility in several walking conditions.

Iris 2

Iris could be a free download with optional in-app purchases.

Download: Android

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