The Case, That Can add a Speaker, Battery, and SD card to Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

16 May

In last Couple of years, most amazing development in gadgets technology, Like Pebble smart-watch, Oculus Rift  have come, which comes from small teams with big dream and unique idea ans special thing about them is not from big company.


So here is nexpaq case, This is not just case in this case you can add Speaker, Battery, SD card and even Flash Light so that’s means it just not a case it is Smart-Case by the nexpaq.

One of the best new things we have seen is a Kickstarter project that launched  called the nexpaq – this can be a smartphone case that can be customized to fit your wants in a modular fashion.

In terms of construction and idea it remind  of Google’s Project ARA however the nexpaq is a comparatively easy construct – the case permits you to add on storage, a backup battery, an amplified speaker, a flashlight of an SD card reader – you cannot connect a fresh camera or upgrade the processor, however you\’ll outfit a range of accessories.


Since these area unit all pretty easy hardware modules, the nexpaq team was ready to supply compatibility with each android and iOS phones, so while you will need a separate “base” case if you switch to a new phone, you’ll still use the same modules. And even without any modules, every case includes a 1,000 mAh battery.


The case can presently work on an iPhone6, Samsung Galaxy S6,Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or Samsung Galaxy S5. the company can expand its lineup within the future. you’ll see the pitch video for an in depth clarification Link: nexpaq: the first truly modular smartphone case

The four modules in every set are enough to entirely fill the 6 slots of the nexpaq case.(The battery module takes three slots)

However you’ll add as several modules to your reward as you would like, you just need to add their corresponding amounts to your pledge.

For example: one laser + one extra battery = 14 usd + 14 usd = 28 usd (afterwards we’ll contact you to verify your module choice)




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