How Smartphone Sensors Works And What They Do ?

26 Apr

Have you ever know how many sensors in your smartphone? What they do and How? Smartphone sensors make your device do wonderful things and provide valuable data to apps to make them more meaningful and interesting which quite impossible few years back. Have look in following article you can know about the Smartphone Sensors that Present.


Accelerometer measures is your phone is at rest position or if in motion. It is built-in component for measuring the acceleration of any mobile device.When your phone is stand still position, Accelerometer is idle, but when you move your phone in any direction Motions like swinging, tilting, rotating, shaking is detected, the value of XYZ is used to calculate and detect the motions.


A Gyroscope is a device that uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. So that it is also known as G-sensor or Gravity sensor. Gyroscope Measures a device’s rate of rotation in rad/s around each of the three physical axes(x,y,z). It works similar to the Accelerometer but with greater accuracy.


As we know that earth has a own magnetic field so that With the help of Magnetometer makes compass app work, And we know what compass do since about 206 BC. With the help of this meter we can determine absolute orientation in North-East-South-West Plane.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor use to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact.Proximity Sensor is available almost in all smartphone now. The sensor is placed near the earpiece near the front camera.The the primary function of a proximity sensor is to disable accidental touch events. There particular value decided by the manufacturer below that value the screen will turn off and avoid accidental touch events. If its is more then that decided value the screen still on.

Light Sensor

Light Sensor for the adjust the brightness of screen according near by lighting condition. With the help of Auto Brightness option in your smartphone you can easily control amount of brightness of screen. So you don’t have to worry to increase and decrease brightness of screen as changing near by lighting condition, with this you can also save your battery also.


Barometer is mostly used for measure value of atmospheric pressure. This pressure measurement is then converted to an equivalent sea-level pressure for purposes for altitude level measuring.

Heart Rate Sensors

Heart Rate Sensors now available to mostly in flagship devices like Samsung and Iphone .The sensor flashes light and monitors blood flow beneath your skin. Now in this days new wearable devices available for that, Which is connected wireless with your smartphone.

Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor is senses the ridges on your skin using capacitor.Fingerprint sensor newly sensor available to the flagship devices for secure your smartphone from other, make payment safe etc. We all have different fingerprints so that you can lock your device without remember any type gesture, pin, pattern and Password.


Pedometer  which is usually portable and electronic or MEMS, that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person’s hips. Now many company making fitness bands for track their motion. So at that stage this sensor will used for record your motion.

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